The growing trend of interactive web animation
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Digital Development Specialists
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The growing trend of interactive web animation

31 Oct The growing trend of interactive web animation

Web animation¬†is the persistent flow of a sequence of images that creates an illusion of movement through its display features. This often comes in the form of a motion picture or video. Animations are a key contributor to a user’s experience because of its visual qualities, however there are a number of pitfalls too. By using animation correctly, a¬†professional web designer can attract and gain the attention of a business’s target audience and can lead visitors to the most appropriate content.

Usability enhancement

It’s important to emphasise the unique details an animation offers in order to attract the attention of the users. A website will strategically position its animations within the navigations of the design because a well positioned animation can help guide users around the website. As a result, businesses will see an improvement in their conversion rates and possible return on investments. The use of interactive elements contributes to the animation effects a business provides and draws the attention to the most relevant content.

Material design

Material design has become an ongoing trend and is utilised in a number of website designs. The motion of animations plays a vital role in gaining the attraction of its target audience. The motion can communicate the various features with regards to the product or service. Therefore, it’s important to link your animations with your offerings in order to provide a comprehensive understanding. Tactical decisions regarding the speed, size and duration of your animations need to be carefully designed.

Tips for the use of web animation

A web animation may endure many pitfalls due to its responsiveness. Therefore, you need to consider the website’s loading speed and ensure that your animations are responsive in order to adjust and adapt to device of choice. The most important device to consider is a mobile device. Animations that don’t fit to the screen size of a mobile device may result in a loss of users. It’s important that you website has a consistent flow.

Here are a variety of animations that can be used to to improve the usability and design within your website:

  • Fade in;
  • Bounce in;
  • Rotate;
  • Slide in;
  • Flash and Pulse;
  • Wobbling and Jelly-like;
  • Swinging etc.

It’s essential to always consider your target audience when it comes to creating animations. All elements of a successful web animation need to add value to the overall user experience. Animations develop significant traits that make a website design unforgettable. You need to determine how many animated elements you are going to introduce and in what amount to integrate motion. Finally, the most important factor to remember is how you can utilise the various creation tools in order to impact the usability of the users.

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