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Social media KPIs for your online platforms

18 Oct Social media KPIs for your online platforms

Social media platforms are a popular way for businesses to introduce themselves to their potential customers. Due to the fast growth of various social media networks, their role is becoming more and more important. The implementation of social media key performance indicators (KPIs) help result in successful strategies, therefore the development of these strategies can override uncertainty and establish a strong base.

KPIs are metrics in which your business is reliable for initiating. As a result, your social media metrics and business metrics need to be aligned in order to gain the best possible outcomes.

By acknowledging the following social media metrics, you will be able to create a fundamental understanding in order to grow your various platforms:

Twitter metrics

There are a number of ways in which you can measure your business’s performance with the use of a Twitter analytics module. Businesses can monitor their performances through the following indicators: followers, engagements, link clicks and retweets. These useful KPI metrics increase traffic to your website and show how competitive your business is.

Facebook metrics

Facebook offers a number of metrics in which you can measure and monitor performance through Facebooks analytics module. These metrics include page likes and followers, comments, shares, total reaches, engaged users and impressions. Your business needs to make use of the most productive metrics that are best aligned with your business’s objectives.

Instagram metrics

Instagram doesn’t necessarily drive traffic to your website. However, it produces content that your business can repost and feature on your other social media networks, as well as its website. Instagram is a visual, mobile network consisting of pictures and videos alongside a caption. Businesses can measure their KPIs through the following metrics: followers, total media, impressions, likes, reach and engagement rates.

LinkedIn metrics

LinkedIn metrics allow you to track your monthly performances and how you have progressed over the months. A detailed analysis of your LinkedIn performance introduces the opportunity to identify various trends. Businesses can measure their KPIs through the following metrics: clicks, likes, impressions, followers, new followers and engagements.

The most important thing to remember is that you have to assess your KPIs alongside your business objectives. Social media plays a vital role in a business’s success. Key performance indicators need to be closely monitored in order to eliminate uncertainty and help predict future encounters.

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