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Social Media Basics: Understanding Facebook for Business

19 Jul Social Media Basics: Understanding Facebook for Business

There are people that still keep Facebook at arm’s length. Whether it be the fear of social media, the resistance to join the masses or general lack of interest – there are people who are yet to have given in to the lure of the Facebook platform. Understanding Facebook for Business should be enough reason to jump on board.

Facebook can be an incredibly powerful business tool and provides countless opportunities for brand awareness, networking and advertising.

For those considering using Facebook for this purpose – here are some basics.

Facebook page

Setting up your business’s facebook page is fairly straight forward. The only catch is that you need to have an existing personal profile to operate as the admin.

Choose from a list of six categories and fill in all of the prompted information. Facebook is rather good at prompting. Make sure that you use your words wisely, and choose captivating, yet relevant, pictures for your profile.

Create a community

Once you have set up your page, it is time to start developing a following. Your following is essentially the organic community that you post to on a regular basis. You an invite friends to like your page, or run various Facebook campaigns that will expose your brand to the rest of the larger Facebook community.

This is best done through creating quality, relevant and useful content. In addition, Facebook offers wonderful tools to boost brand awareness. The most popular of which are boosted posts and Facebook Ads.

Boosted posts

Boosted posts are great for companies that have a slightly smaller budget, and catchy existing content. Boosting a post allows you to select a targeted audience, an allocated daily budget, and a duration. Facebook provides insightful analytics that highlight the reach, engagements and link clicks of the post.

Facebook Ads

Similar to boosted posts, Facebook Ads expose quality content to a broader audience. They usually work better with higher budgets, and offer far more complex audience targeting options.

In conclusion, Facebook can be an incredibly useful tool for businesses. Social media companies have learnt to take the best advantage of these platforms and are able to execute incredible strategies. Don’t let lack of interest or fear prevent you from making waves with your business brand.

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