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Social media basics: tips for a successful LinkedIn business page

03 Aug Social media basics: tips for a successful LinkedIn business page

LinkedIn is a social media networking platform which allows business executives and professionals to connect and interact with each other. LinkedIn is a superior resource as it provides professionals with insight and support. Strategic relationships are built with prospective partners, clients and customers. LinkedIn is determined in delivering quality connections in order to boost your credibility.

Here are six tips for developing a captivating LinkedIn business page:

1. Continue updating your profile

Firstly, your profile page on LinkedIn is the first thing people will see when searching for your business. So it’s very important to be considered as a presentable business which will leave a valuable impression. Try to keep your profile image on LinkedIn the same as your other social media networks. This will help potential partners, clients and customers familiarise themselves with your business logo/image.

2. Communicate a descriptive “About us” with strong keywords

It’s very important to communicate your business’s story through your profile image. The use of keywords, which people will search for, will certainly help them understand your business. You need to discover what words your target audience will use to find your business.  The use of language needs to be easily translated into the minds of the potential clients or customers. Therefore, the language needs to be simple so people can easily identify your message.

3. Develop showcase pages

A showcase page branches off your business page and allows you to boast your core values. Customised pages are designed to boost certain products or services that your business provides. Often people know exactly what they looking for, therefore these pages can be accessed easily and can be utilised as an information feeder.

4. Create a career page

Another tip is to make use of the ‘Life’ tab which is a new addition to the LinkedIn layout. This approach is used for clients and customers to attain knowledge about your businesses culture. You are able to highlight specific cultures which isn’t directly associated with the business side of things. Visitors can meet the team indirectly and learn more about the day-to-day in the form of pictures, videos and articles.

5. Collect and give recommendations

Billions of recommendations have been granted on LinkedIn which has certainly proven to be a powerful tool in the social network. Always make sure to ask for recommendation – you’ve got nothing to lose.

6. Keep a close eye on your competition

Finally, LinkedIn releases an annual list of the 10 best business pages. Make sure to visit those business profiles in order to gain knowledge on how they’ve modified their pages.

Once you have structured your business page and made the necessary adjustments, you should be ready for action. As a result of efficiency and consistent delivery, you will find your business in a networking sensation.


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