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I am not a robot

27 Sep I am not a robot

If you are an avid internet user or explorer, you are more than likely to be asked if you are a robot. A system called¬†reCAPTCHA is a service that protects your website from spam and automatic bots. It allows you to identify yourself as a human and it’s a test only humans can pass. The motive behind reCAPTCHA is to make it almost impossible for software bots to pass the test.

Here we discuss why websites ask if you are a robot:

Spam prevention

Automatic scripts and bots are used to spam websites in order to fill the website with ads, products and services for sale. Spammers have created a certain software that seeks blogs and uploads product or service messages. When there is human verification, it helps websites to identity if the visitor is a human or a robot.

Prevention of automatic bots

Most spammers have designed automatic scripts and bots that sweep and scan through websites. The outcome of this design allows spammers to drive unwanted information about service or product offerings through the website. As a result, human verification can prohibit automatic bots from uploading irrelevant information onto websites.

Minimise bandwidth demands

File-sharing websites require an adequate data transfer rate to support the uploading and downloading habits of their users. With the use of reCAPTCHA, websites restrict the downloading activities of free account holders. Therefore, free account holders are forced to confirm that they are not a robot before making use of the site files. Due to reCAPTCHA being almost impossible for scripts or bots, it stops software bots from downloading an excessive amount of files in a short period of time.

Suspicious behaviour or activity

Software bots are always looking to download as many different files as possible or upload numerous amounts of posts. This kind of behaviour often becomes questionable and as a result, are presented with human verification to ensure the user is not a robot.

To block and stop password guessing

Hackers and spammers create these seeking robots in order to continuously attempt different passwords until they finally find a correct password which enables them to log in. Therefore, a robot detection mechanism blocks and stops numerous attempts at password guessing.

reCAPTCHA frustrates many users as they are continuously asked to confirm that they are not a robot. Advanced security is used in order establish a human connection and protect websites from bots. This system is easy to use and doesn’t require much effort with regards to your users interactions.

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