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How to develop a successful newsletter campaign

10 Oct How to develop a successful newsletter campaign

With the continuous exposure and attention that social media attracts, many forget to acknowledge the significance of an email. However, an email is one of the most constructive ways of reaching current and potential customers. A well-structured newsletter containing relevant and informative content needs to be designed in order to capture a reader’s attention. Creating a successful newsletter campaign is essential for any business seeking brand exposure. As a result, they will boost their visibility.

1. Design a captivating email subject line

The first thing that the receiver of an email sees is the sender’s name, subject line and the pre-header. Recipients of emails choose whether to read an email or not based on the subject line presented by the sender. Therefore, it’s important to create a reminiscent subject line in order to improve your email open rates. When designing a subject line, you need to be creative and innovative – but to the point.

2. Enhance the ability of an impressive pre-header

The pre-header follows the subject line and is just as important because a pre-header is another way to catch the attention of an email recipient. A pre-header needs to be attractive, interesting and relevant in order to influence the recipient to continue reading. The first five to eight words of your pre-header requires full efficiency to encourage recipients to open your email.

3. Ensure your newsletter is accessible to mobile devices

Technology has certainly evolved over the years and mobile devices have become the go-to and on the go solution for individuals to quickly view their emails. The design of a newsletter needs to have the necessary specs in order to display content attractively and prevent buffering on mobile. Your newsletter should be accessible and visible on any device.

4. Generate engaging content best suited to your customers

Your newsletter should not be a platform for a sales pitch. Avoid trying to sell your product or service and rather provide factual and informative content. Try to keep¬†promotional content to an absolute minimum and emphasise the importance of building trust with your customers and sharing your business’s expertise.

5. Only use one persuasive call to action

For the best possible conversion rate, it’s recommended to only have one call to action. A call to action needs to be explicit, reliable, prompt, useful and relevant to the content displayed. Your call to action will best be viewed if it’s positioned at the top of your newsletter. Therefore, your call to action will be clearly visible and concise.

It’s essential to emphasise the importance of the name of the sender, subject line and pre-header. These factors decide whether the recipients open, ignore, decline or delete your email. Although the goal of a newsletter is to build trust and inform customers, you need to focus on improving your email open rate.

An email allows you to interact with a customer in their personal space. Sending one email a month will allow your business to interact and communicate with customers, build long-term relationships and provide a successful newsletter campaign.



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