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Five questions to ask before a website rebuild

19 Nov Five questions to ask before a website rebuild

Rebuilding your current website, or building a new one, requires a lot of thought on various processes. You need to highlight all the important features included in the process of a website rebuild. In addition, you need to align your business goals with your online presence. A website rebuild is an investment, and needs to be done properly.

By asking yourself the following questions, you can streamline the set up, direct the layout and perform various functionalities:

1. Which area will lead my website strategy?

Many businesses outsource this activity and employ a website specialist – combining a technical and marketing approach. A combination of the two can ensure a successful strategy because of the flexibility and creativeness this approach allows. A technical approach focuses heavily on SEO, navigation and security. A marketing approach focuses more on the visual features such as its positioning, brand story and images and videos.

2. Do I require a total redesign?

A complete redesign is not always necessary because of the various options available. Often, websites just need to be updated or tweaked in order to function as their best. Adopting a fresh new look by changing certain content or images will have an immediate impact on your business. However, a total redesign is only required if your business ventures into new markets, your website is difficult to navigate or you have fallen behind in technology.

3. Have user patterns changed?

User patterns have certainly changed and will continue to change on a regular basis. The biggest change in recent events is the establishment of mobile-friendly websites. This impacts user habits and how they interact with websites. There’s a continuous improvement of technology, and businesses need to keep up with the trends.

4. What do I want my users to achieve?

It’s not unusual for SMEs to spend large sums of money on a website design. A website is seen as an investment that can generate a significant ROI. There are a number of possibilities and positive requests in which visitors and users can reach a desirable outcome. Therefore, focus on creating a favourable user experience.

5. How can I ensure users will help themselves?

Finally, a website is a technological tool and should be built based on human elements of good nature. Essentially, a website is a egotistical representation of your business and characterises how you run your operations. Therefore, don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone to accommodate your users. Help them navigate around your site and as a result, it will add extra value to their experience.

The last thing to do before you relaunch your website is to do a test run. Allow users who weren’t part of the restructuring process to make use of the site and monitor their actions. Businesses often refer to the process above as “rebuilding”. However, if you are successful in relaunching your site, the correct terminology is “redesigning”.

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