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Elements of a successful website

13 Sep Elements of a successful website

Building your own website can cause unnecessary business complications. Hiring a website developer can take your web design to a new level and differentiate you from your competitors. A web professional will be able to effectively outline the elements of a successful website. These are elements in which your business should look to prioritise to achieve increased leads and conversion rates. Here we discuss several essential elements of a successful website:

SEO and analytics tools

Optimising your website is an absolute definite in order for your site to become visible. You need to determine the most favourable keywords being utilised by visitors. Then these keywords need to be manipulated into delivering the best results through site copies, meta descriptions and media links.

Analytics tools allow businesses to capture important information with regards to its visitors. These tools provide the amount of time visitors spend on each page as well as how they discover your site.

Enhancing your site to be mobile-friendly

Majority of web users use their mobile devices to browse the web. Consequently, your website needs to look exceptional on any device. Therefore, you would need to choose a responsive design for your mobile in order for the site to load fast and to ensure easy navigation and readability.

Expected sections need to be provided

There are a number of different sections that need to be specified and considered within your site. This includes a Home page, About Us page and a Contact Us page. This way visitors can learn about the site, establish a sense of trust and can reach out to you with regards to any questions or feedback.

Use of social media links and share buttons

It’s essential to link your social media accounts with your website in order to show that your business is socially active. Your business should aim to utilise most social media platforms so that the business can extend its reach. Website developers can help you combine your site with social media platforms in order to share important updates simultaneously.

Make contact information clearly visible

Often visitors are wanting to seek more information that is not displayed on the site. Therefore it’s important to make the contact information easily accessible. This can be in the form of a phone number, email address or physical address.

It’s of vital importance to include these elements that influence your website.¬† Certain outcomes of a website include how people navigate it and connect with your business. The use of various elements will result in a well built website and where they will all work together to achieve success.





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